5-String P4 Shape P Soapbar – P45P

5-String P4 Shape P Soapbar – P45P

Big split-coil P-Bass voice in a long 5 string soapbar for wide string spacing.

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SKU: P45P Category:
SKU: P45P Category:
Applications: 5-String P4 Soapbars

P Soapbars have thick, deep tone with huge bass response giving you P-Bass voice in a soapbar bass. Used alone, in pairs, or with a J Soapbar, P Soapbars provide a flexible solution for great tone. Steel blade construction and tuned magnetic field ensures you don’t have to worry about pole alignment to get warm, full, perfectly balanced tone.
These pickups are truly pro-level and have internal shielding to block radiated noise from studio equipment and stage lighting. They are passive and will work with your current electronics in most basses but are also amazing when installed with an on-board preamp. These split coil pickups are hum-cancelling and are sealed to be sweat-proof while also eliminating microphonics. Plus, because they don’t have exposed blades or poles, you don’t risk that horrible “dwink” noise of your string hitting magnetized metal.
P Soapbars can be installed in either neck or bridge position but they are designed to pair nicely with J Soapbar bridge (-T, Treble) pickups.

Ordering Details

Model Description UPC Price
P45P 5-String, P4 Soapbar, Split Humkilling P Coils, P Voice 682384506127 $185

Ordering Details

Model UPC Price
P45P 682384506127 $185
5-String, P4 Soapbar, Split Humkilling P Coils, P Voice

P45P Technical Details

Coil Structure:
Split P Hum-killing
Cable Type:
Shielded Coaxial Hot Core
Magnetic Circuit:
2 types of carbon steel powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets
Neck bass coil North and Bridge treble coil South

P45P Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~6.9KΩ
  • Resonant Frequency: ~6.4KHz
  • Sensing Width: 2.99" [76mm] Max 2.36" [60mm] Min

Shape Details

P4 Soapbar

  • 4.62" [117.3mm] Long,
    1.25" [31.8mm] Wide,
    0.69-0.79" [17.5-20.1mm] Thick + 0.11" [2.8mm] Cable
  • 2 holes on bass end and 1 on treble end for your #4 pan head screws