5-String 2J Squared MusicMan DL Shape – DL52CBJD3

5-String 2J Squared MusicMan DL Shape – DL52CBJD3

Incredible quad-coil flexibility in the a popular 5 string MusicMan shape. Developed for Dan Lakin, is the upgrade for your Lakland 5001.

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SKU: DL52CBJD3 Category:

These pickups are all about flexibility – like having 2 Jazz Bass pickups in a Music Man® humbucker shape. They can have a huge voice or precise focus. These are the pickups Bill Bartolini developed for Dan Lakin to define the famous Lakland tone.
We started with 2 of our popular bright Classic Bass passive hum-cancelling Jazz bass pickups and installed them in a Music Man® humbucker shape. We made the J pickups work together as a dual humbucker or as a J-bass when coil-split. When wired as a series humbucker, they are big and growly with high output. When wired as a parallel humbucker, they are fat and round but with focus – like when you have both volumes on full on a J-Bass. When wired as split coils, they are precise and clear. And they are hum-free in all setups which can be easily chosen when you install a toggle switch.
Because 2J Squared are have blades instead of poles, they work with a range of string spacings, so you can customize your basses with whatever bridge and neck you like. The sensing aperture is wider than a Music Man® pickup, so you sense more of each string. These pro-level pickups are fully hum-killing even on the noisiest stage or studio. They are sweat-proof and won’t make horrible noises when you hit them with the strings.

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Model Description UPC Price
DL52CBJD3 5-String, Music Man (Stingray), 2J Squared, Quad-Coil 682384501221 $265

Ordering Details

Model UPC Price
DL52CBJD3 682384501221 $265
5-String, Music Man (Stingray), 2J Squared, Quad-Coil

DL52CBJD3 Technical Details

Coil Structure:
Quad Coil Dual Inline Hum-killing
Cable Type:
4-Conductor Cable with shield and bare drain
Magnetic Circuit:
2 types of carbon steel, brass, and copper powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets projected for wide but focused aperture
Bass end neck coil North, Treble end neck coil South, Treble end neck coil North, and Bass end bridge coil South

DL52CBJD3 Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~6.6KΩ each inline coil pair
  • Resonant Frequency: ~3.7KHz
  • Sensing Width: 3.15" [80mm] Max 2.52" [64mm] Min

Shape Details

DL Shape

  • 4.14" [105.2mm] Long,
    1.91" [48.5mm] Wide,
    0.88" [22.4mm] Thick + 0.15" [3.8mm] Cable
  • 3 Standard MM Pickup Mounting ears for your #3 or #4 screws