b-one Tuck Andress Special Humbucker – B1-1CTA

b-one Tuck Andress Special Humbucker – B1-1CTA

High fidelity, clarity, definition and articulation developed with Jazz virtuoso Tuck Andres in b-one shape

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SKU: b-one 1CTA Category:

The 1CTA was designed to meet the precise voice and response requirements of virtuoso Jazz guitarist Tuck Andress. It is designed to be noise-free with equal coil windings and full internal brass shielding. The design has a wide sensing aperture and offset magnetic field for brighter yet fuller voice than standard humbuckers. Since they are blade designs instead of poles, you don’t need to worry about string spacing for even output level from string-to-string. They are sealed to prevent coil contamination from dust and sweat while also eliminating microphonics.
Generally, the 1CTA is installed in the neck position of a Jazz guitar but is also very usable as a bridge pickup. Because of their wide frequency response and low noise, they are perfect for Jazz, but are also very popular for metal and fusion.
b-one humbuckers are traditional rounded-corner shape for pickguard and body-mount installations with your standard #3-48 screws. Screws and other mounting hardware is not included – be sure to order what you need for your particular guitar.

Ordering Details

Model Description UPC Price
B1-1CTA-BK Guitar Humbucker, Tuck Andres, Dual Coil, Neck Position, B1 Collection, Black 682384507193 $180

Ordering Details

Model UPC Price
B1-1CTA-BK 682384507193 $180
Guitar Humbucker, Tuck Andres, Dual Coil, Neck Position, B1 Collection, Black

b-one 1CTA Technical Details

Coil Structure:
Dual Parallel Humbucking
Cable Type:
4-Conductor Cable with shield and bare drain
Magnetic Circuit:
Carbon steel and brass powered by imbalanced ceramic (ferrite) magnets
projected for a tight asymmetric field
Neck coil South and Bridge coil North

1CTA Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~4.3KΩ each coil
  • Resonant Frequency: ~4.6KHz
  • Sensing Width: 2.01" [51mm] Max

Shape Details


  • 2.75" [69.9mm] Long,
    1.52" [38.6mm] Wide,
    0.7-0.8" [17.8-20.3mm] Thick + 0.15" [3.8mm] Cable
  • Brass bracket with 3-48 tapped holes - Screws not provided