5-String Original P-Bass – 58SU72

5-String Original P-Bass – 58SU72

Ultra-deep vintage P-Bass tone for your 5-String P-style bass - excellent for Reggae and SKA

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SKU: 58SU72 Category:

The original Bartolini design gives you the timeless tone that started it all – full and warm for that vintage voice you’ve been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. These split coil pickups are our deepest, darkest J-Bass set – ideal for ska, reggae, hip-hop. They have a blade core design, so you don’t have to worry about string alignment. Original Barts bring out your voice, low and clear.
In the early ‘70s, Bill Bartolini leveraged his deep knowledge of acoustics to create pickups that produce the most natural, musical voice from the instrument. He added shielding to block radio signals and noise. He developed a method of sealing, isolating, and stabilizing the coils so they could be encapsulated in epoxy to eliminate “microphonics” – the nasty noise you get when you touch typical pickups.

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Model Description UPC Price
58SU72 P-Bass, 5-String, Original Series, Deep-Dark Voice, Split Coil Pair 682384500576 $200

Ordering Details

Model UPC Price
58SU72 682384500576 $200
P-Bass, 5-String, Original Series, Deep-Dark Voice, Split Coil Pair

58SU72 Technical Details

Coil Structure:
Split P Hum-killing
Cable Type:
Shielded Coaxial Hot Core
Magnetic Circuit:
2 types of carbon steel powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets projected shallow for wide aperture
Bass coil North and treble coil South

58SU72 Coil Specs

  • DC Resistance: ~6.9KΩ
  • Resonant Frequency: ~6.4KHz
  • Sensing Width: 2.83" [72mm] Max 2.05" [52mm] Min

Shape Details


  • 2.2" [55.9mm] Long,
    1.08" [27.4mm] Wide,
    0.69" [17.5mm] Thick + 0.11" [2.8mm] Cable
  • 2 Standard P Pickup Mounting ears on each part for your #3 or #4 screws