Guitar Single Coil

Our single-coil guitar pickups can keep your sound cool or heat it up, depending on your preference. Either way, the Bartolini clarity and purity of tone is always comes through.

Hum-Killer singles feature an isolated and shielded coil for the same voice as the True Single coil version but hum-free and a lower output. And because they are pro-level, they’re still sweatproof and won’t make weird noises if you touch them.
ACE pickups are created by combining alnico V blades and ceramic bar magnets for the best of both worlds, producing the hot tone you want from an alnico pickup, balanced with the clarity you expect from ceramic. Their Hot Vintage tone is great for Rock, Progressive, Funk, and Heavy Blues.
Our original singles are well known for their high clarity and definition, but the 3D-01 was designed in ’92 to be thick and dirty.
Original vintage true single coil pickups are designed for professional guitarists to get the most of the Strat® sound at each position. The matched set balances beautifully.
These 3X pickups are the opposite polarity as the more common version above. If you are trying to match polarity with another set, here’s another option, but we’ll need to build them special.