Guitar Humbuckers

Bartolini humbuckers deliver exceptional tone across the musical spectrum in a variety of voices to fit your playing style.

The expanded tonal range and rich harmonics of our ACE pickups are created by combining alnico V blades and ceramic bar magnets for the best of both worlds, producing the hot tone you want from an alnico pickup, balanced with the clarity you expect from ceramic. The string-to-string output is balanced by internal compensation and field shaping. The blade design ensures your tone won’t fade from even the most aggressive bends. Their Hot Vintage tone is great for Rock, Progressive, Funk, and Heavy Blues. ACE Humbuckers come in black, nickel, gold, or chrome.
Our original humbuckers are well known for their high clarity and definition, but the 1D-01 was designed in ’92 to be thick and dirty.
Our first humbucker, the 1C has unequal windings for a clear, clean tone single coil voice with less mid warmth than equal winding designs - Neck or bridge position.
The PBF-55 and PBF-57 Jazz set brings out a more rounded, softer tone that excels at smoothing out the high register of many guitars. Available in black, nickel, gold, and chrome.
The PBF-55 and PBF-77D Rock set are high-output models that make sure clarity and smoothness aren't lost, even at high volume levels. The PBF-77D uses both ceramic and Alnico magnets along with 2 types of steel to project an offset magnetic field for maximum humbucking, output, and focus. Available in black, nickel, gold, and chrome.
Designed for virtuoso guitarist Tuck Andress, the 1CTA has very near the 1C tone but equal windings for best noise rejection, but unequal magnetic field at each coil. Ideal in neck position
V-Series humbuckers were designed in the late 80s and early 90s for heavy metal, hard rock, and alternative guitarists. They have broad frequency response and PAF-level output to get the most out of your effects.
The PBF-49 and PBF-51 Vintage set feature sweet high end and classic warm tones, with focused and defined lows. Available in black, nickel, gold, and chrome.