EQ Preamps

These preamps have a built-in equalizer (EQ) that lets you quickly adjust your frequency response while they also isolate your pickups from your output jack so the voice of your pickups is not negatively affected by your cable, effects, or amplifier. Every electronic component that directly connects to your pickups will diminish their performance and weaken their output. Preamps solve the problem by strengthening the pickup signal and limiting the components connected to the pickups. Some of our EQ preamps also let you boost your pickup signal so you can balance the output with other instruments and control the signal to your level-sensitive effects like overdrive, compressors, and envelope filters. The built-in EQ helps you control how you fit into the mix with other instruments and compensate for musical changes while you are on stage or in the studio.

NTBT 2-Band EQ Preamp Module


NTMB+F 3-Band EQ Preamp Module


NTMB+FL 3-Band EQ Preamp Module


TCT Family Mid Boost Add-on Module


TCT Vintage 3-Band EQ Preamp


XTCT Vintage 3-Band EQ Preamp