Original PJ Sets

Original series pickups are your best choice for the biggest, fattest bottom end. No other pickup can deliver the warm, open lows the way these do. Ensuring that any unwanted "woof" is eliminated, the split coil blade keeps your sound tight and clear, all while deliver huge bass response. You'll never find lower tones produced with higher fidelity! Available in split (S) coil designs, you'll find all the depth of tone you need right here. If you are looking for bottomless bass, they're also available in our deep voicing (SU) single coil incarnation. Original Barts bring out your voice, low and clear.
Back in the early ‘70s, Bill Bartolini started developing upgrade pickups for professional musicians. With the new popularity of Jazz basses, their limitations for use in the studio made many professional bass players come to Bartolini for help. As a physicist and acoustic guitar luthier, he leveraged his deep knowledge of acoustics to create pickups that produce the most natural, musical voice from the instrument. He added shielding to block radio signals and noise. He developed a method of sealing, isolating, and stabilizing the coils so they could be encapsulated in epoxy to eliminate “microphonics” – the nasty noise you get when you touch typical pickups.
For a long time, we didn’t really have a name for this series because they were our only series. They were just “our bass pickups”. We’ve heard them called by many names like “Deep Tones”, “Old-School”, and “The Best Bass Pickup Ever”. Bartolini Original is a good summary name, we think.

4-String Original Series - 8S + 9J


5-String Original Series - 58S + 59J