Upgrade pickups for your Fender or similar P-Bass - the one with 2 smaller pickup slugs. Bartolini P-Bass® Pickups are highly respected by both bass players and master luthiers because of their outstanding tone, innovative design, and build quality. Each of the voice options are available to fit Fender 4-string P-basses. Our 5-string models are the same size as 4-string. We don’t currently offer 5-string Fender upgrades with the unequal size pickup slugs. All models feature fully encapsulated coils to protect against the rigors of professional bass players - sweat, microphonic noise, and feedback.
All Bartolini P-Bass pickups are passive designs that can be used with passive controls or with an onboard preamp for an active instrument.

As a pro-level artist, you can fine tune your voice in your P-Bass. We make pickups with a number of different voices. To find your pickup, you can start by finding your voice or start with string count. Or you can do a quick search if you already know what you want.

Start by Finding Your Voice

The pickups in your P-Bass have a big influence on your voice. Your voice is a combination of your pickups, strings, instrument materials and construction, and playing technique. The voice of your pickups is determined by the sensing structures - the magnetic field projected onto the strings and the interaction of the magnetic field with the coils.

We offer several carefully designed pickups series with different sensing structures so you can develop your voice. Check out the sensing structures below - Blue represents a South magnetic field, and Red represents a North magnetic field. A 4-String shape is shown for reference. Click a graphic to get more info about each voice option.

Original P-Bass

The legendary Original series with split coils was developed for professional musicians in the 1970’s. These pickups cancel hum while providing a rich, deep voice. P-Bass® Original series pickups are your best choice for the biggest, fattest bottom end.

Classic P

Designed to give you enhanced treble response and narrower apertures for an incisive attack and focused voice without harshness, these split coils are hum-free while providing impressive versatility. They provide higher output than Original series.

b-axis P-Bass

b-axis P-Bass® Pickups have enormous, clear tone. They feature a new and unique fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole design with outstanding articulation, attack, and harmonic response. If you play jazz, rock, country, gospel, or hip-hop, the you will find your voice in b-axis pickups.

Start with String Count

Or - Start with String Count

We only offer standard 4-string P-Bass shape, but we also make them for 5-string and 6-string basses. Click a graphic to see the voice options for your string count.