2J Squared MusicMan

These pickups are all about flexibility – like having 2 Jazz Bass pickups in a Music Man® humbucker shape. They can have a huge voice or precise focus. These are the pickups Bill Bartolini developed for Dan Lakin to define the famous Lakland tone.
We started with 2 of our popular bright Classic Bass passive hum-cancelling Jazz bass pickups and installed them in a Music Man® humbucker shape. We made the J pickups work together as a dual humbucker or as a J-bass when coil-split. When wired as a series humbucker, they are big and growly with high output. When wired as a parallel humbucker, they are fat and round but with focus – like when you have both volumes on full on a J-Bass. When wired as split coils, they are precise and clear. And they are hum-free in all setups which can be easily chosen when you install a toggle switch.
Because 2J Squared are have blades instead of poles, they work with a range of string spacing, so you can customize your basses with whatever bridge and neck you like. The sensing aperture is wider than a Music Man® pickup, so you sense more of each string. These pro-level pickups are fully hum-killing even on the noisiest stage or studio. They are sweat-proof and won’t make horrible noises when you hit them with the strings.

4-String MM Shape - MM42CBJD3


5-String DL Shape - DL52CBJD3


5-String MM Shape - MM52CBJD3


5-String MV Shape - MV52CBJD3