Classic Single Coil J-Bass

Classic J-Bass pickups have a rich, deep voice with lots of high-end clarity and warmth. They give you enhanced treble response and narrower apertures for incisive attack and focused sound without harshness. This added treble definition vastly increases the tonal range available in active or passive instruments. Their output levels are slightly higher than similar models in the Original series.
These true single coil pickups have balanced output for each string with no worry about string spacing. They are also available with 2 different voicings - Deep voice for more throaty growl or Bright voice for clear, sparkling highs. The Classic Bass series is popular with progressive, jazz, gospel, and metal musicians.

4-String Single Coil - 9CBJS1


4-String Bright Single Coil - 9CBJS3


5-String Standard Single Coil - 59CBJS