b-axis J-Bass

b-axis pickups are super punchy and bright, but also warm. They have outstanding articulation, attack, and harmonic response. Musicians who play jazz, rock, country, gospel, and hip-hop are already finding their voice in b-axis pickups.
The b-axis pickups series is based on the very foundations of Bill Bartolini's initial pickup designs back in the early '70s. The guiding design principle was to provide a highly asymmetric magnetic field to fully capture string vibration. This "high asymmetry" (hence the pickup's original "High A" name) provides tone like acoustic instruments, which have a naturally asymmetric response due to bridge structure and variations in biased tension.
They feature a new and unique fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole design, and yet they are still fully shielded like all our enclosed pickups. The cable is shielded as well. b-axis Jazz bass pickups are dual-inline hum-cancelling design for use in professional venues and studios. They are sweat-proof and won’t make nasty noises if you touch them.
We make versions to fit 4 string Standard and 5 string Standard and American Standard cavities in all the normal and less-normal configurations.