Classic Dual Coil Candybars

These split coil pickups are hum-cancelling even when only playing the neck or bridge pickup, so they are well suited for studio or stage. Classic Bass Candybars have a rich, deep voice with lots of high-end clarity and warmth with enhanced treble response and higher output than our Original Candybars. When you dig in, they are responsive and growly. When you pull back, they are clear and sweet. And they’ll take any slapping and popping you want to give them. The Classic Bass series is popular with progressive, jazz, gospel, and metal musicians where articulation is critical.
Classic Bass Candybars are sweat-proof and won’t make horrible noises when you touch them or hit them with the strings. They are passive and will work with your current electronics in most basses.
There are different versions for neck (Bass, -B) and bridge (Treble, -T) positions so they balance well in your bass.

4-String X4 Candybar - X44CBJD


5-String X4 Candybar - X45CBJD


5-String X5 Candybar - X55CBJD


6-String G6 Candybar - G66CBJD


7-String G6 Candybar - G67CBJD


8-String G6 Candybar - G68JD