Bass Candybars

Bass Candybars are like Jazz Bass pickups but with no mounting ears. These narrow soapbars are perfect for very sweet, clean Jazz style bass installations. All models feature fully encapsulated coils to protect against the rigors of professional bass players - sweat, microphonic noise, and feedback.
Bartolini Candybar pickups are passive designs that can be used with passive controls or with an onboard preamp for an active instrument.

As a pro-level artist, you can fine tune your voice in your modern jazz bass. We make pickups with a lot of different voices in a number of shapes. To find your pickup, you can start by finding your voice or start with finding your shape. Or you can do a quick search if you already know what you want.

Start by Finding Your Voice

The pickups in your modern jazz bass have a big influence on your voice. Your voice is a combination of your pickups, strings, instrument materials and construction, and playing technique. The voice of your pickups is determined by the sensing structures - the magnetic field projected onto the strings and the interaction of the magnetic field with the coils.
We offer several carefully designed pickups series with different sensing structures so you can develop your voice. Check out the sensing structures below - Blue represents a South magnetic field, and Red represents a North magnetic field. A 4-String X4 shape is shown for reference. Click a graphic to get more info about each voice option.

Original Candybars

Based on our legendary Original series J-Bass pickups with dual-inline, split coils, these pickups cancel hum while providing that full and warm vintage tone you've been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. You can solo either pickup without the noise you get from a single coil pickup.

Classic Single Coil Candybars

Classic Single Coil pickups are true, huge single coils designed to give you enhanced treble response and narrower apertures for incisive attack and focused sound without harshness.

Classic Dual Coil Candybars

All the goodness of our Classic Single Coils, these dual-inline coils are hum-free while providing single coil tone. You don’t have to blend the pickups to eliminate noise like you do with single coil pickups, so you have more usable options.

Start by Finding Your Shape

Or - Start by Finding Your Shape

Click a graphic to see the voice options in that shape.