How to Buy

Thanks for using our website to find what you need. We design and manufacture pickups and electronics, but we rely on our distributors and dealers to sell them. They help us a lot by keeping stock of the most popular stuff, providing direct support, and often even do installations. So, we don’t generally sell direct.

We do sell direct to instrument builders and repair shops, and we sometimes sell some of our rare products direct when our dealers don’t stock them. Check out some options below to see what works best for you.

If you are in the U.S. and need to buy a set of pickups and/or a preamp:

Please try to buy from your local music store. We want to support them so they are there to help you in an emergency. If your local store doesn’t carry Bartolini, please show them this site, and ask that they contact our US distributor so we can get them set up. 

If you want to buy online, make a note of the part numbers in the ordering details section of our product pages and search at any of our online retailers.

If you are a US-based retailer, please contact:

[Bartolini’s Distributor for US Based Retailers]

Phone: (800) 741-0109
FAX: (805) 278-1689
Address: 79 E. Daily Drive #278, Camarillo, CA 93010
Sales Inquiries:
Support Inquiries:

If you are a US-based instrument builder, please contact:

Bartolini Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA Factory

9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time (Monday through Friday)
Factory Voicemail: 805-543-1330
Address: 141 Suburban Rd. Ste B-2, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Email: (Preferred)
Support Inquiries:

If you are an International-based retailer or a guitar builder:

If you are an International-based retailer or a guitar builder, and would like to buy wholesale, please check our International Distributor page for a partner in your country or region. If there is a Bartolini distributor in your country, they will provide sales and pricing to you. CLICK HERE

If there is no Distributor in your country:

If there is no Distributor in your country, please contact us using this link. CLICK HERE