"For years, I had my first encounter with Bartolini bass pickups and became a big fan. They enhance my projects with their full and versatile sound, featuring deep lows, balanced mids, and crystalline highs.

Há anos, tive meu primeiro contato com os captadores Bartolini para contrabaixo e me tornei um grande fã. Eles enriquecem meus projetos com seu som encorpado e versátil, destacando graves profundos, médios equilibrados e agudos cristalinos."

“They are so good, I use three of them at the same time!”

"My Bartolini pickups allow me to get the sound from my head to your ears. I know I can bring one bass to a gig and get any sound I need to get the job done."

"Bartolini offers the highest sound quality, providing the power necessary to achieve a classic and clean sound, with an excellent balance between treble, medium and bass thus allowing you to obtain versatility to interpret different musical styles"

"A bass ain't a bass without Bartolini."

"To me, the Bartolini pickups, they have a thickness that really works, especially with their preamp. It really has a sound!"

"Bartolini Pickups are impeccable in quality, tone, and an effortless extension of my creativity.  I never have to fight to express; music without boundaries!"

"Bartolini Pickups are the core of my tone, the energy of my sound, and the brand that I trust."