Progressive Metal

"Bartolini always impress me with how they bring out the true sound of the instrument without ‘colouring’ it too much. I’m a huge fan of the clarity and warmth of the tone, particularly for fretless - and they cut through the mix like a knife. I play and teach a lot of different genres and the versatility of the pickups is just incredible"

“The Bartolini BH2 Passive pickups give me the edge I need to achieve the modern tone I’ve dreamed of for years.”

"With Barts, I found my dimensional tone. Powerful, with defined bass and crystalline highs. Ready for any music situation or genre."

“I have known the Bartolini name and reputation for excellence forever. After adding Bartolini 69J1-L/LNs with active preamp to my custom 6-string fretless, I now fully understand and appreciate both the power and subtleties I can get out of my instrument.”