"Bartolini pick-ups fulfilled my bass guitar's potential to its max. Now the sound may vary from soft jazzy tone to metal chugging with just one flip of the selector switch. I have been searching for this sound formula for a long time"

"Hands down the clearest pickups you could ever use! The tone is versatile and can be adjusted at ease. I would put them in everything!"

"My Bartolinis give my tone just the right combination of punchy articulation and face-melting heaviness."

"NOW I understand what these little black boxes are supposed to do!"

"I’ve been using Bartolini pickups and preamps since 1998. Combined with my Roscoe basses, they faithfully reproduce the tone that has always been in my head. Bartolini pickups and preamps are an integral part of my tone.  "

"I have been playing Bartolini Pickups  for 11 years now! There are plenty of   choices out there but I  have stayed with Bartolini because they deliver the tone, cut and unparalleled excellence I have come to trust on stage or in the studio... no matter  what style of music I'm playing!!!"

"With my Bartolini Pickups and Electronics I can go from Abrasive Tharsh-Metal to Boomy Bluegrass and Funk without ever having to change basses."

"I play rock, metal and modern music and the Bartolini tone complements me and my bass perfectly.  My Bartolini bridge pickup on my Traben adds that little extra something you just can’t get with other brands.  Couldn’t be more happy with trusting my sound to Bartolini."

"When asked about tone I only have one answer.... Bartolini !!!!"

"When definition with power is key, don’t sleep on these Bartolini!"

"I’ve played many types of pickups throughout my bass playing career and when I first played Bartolini Pickups I knew from then on out that they would always be my number one choice. The tone and clarity that the pickups produce is smooth and is the tone I’ve been looking for."

"Bartolini has their unique sound which complements your instrument and brings all necessary aspects: round and rich bass, natural mids and bright punchy treble frequences; string to string has the same power, all dynamic range is very sensitive, so you feel instrument much better. Also, Bart pups look so sexy!"

"The variety, flexibility and great tone - these words could describe these pickups, and these qualities much more than enough for me to select Bartolini!"

"I won't play without them! They are sooo responsive, cant play my music without that kind of quality"

"Barts have always been my Big Guns! My Go to tone for most everything I have ever done. From Thunderous to Smooth and Growly to Ghostly I can always count on them to get the job done! Barts and Bass are made for each other!"

"Only Bartolini is good enough"

"Bartolini Pickups are impeccable in quality, tone, and an effortless extension of my creativity.  I never have to fight to express; music without boundaries!"

"Over the years I have used various basses with various pickups including MEC, EMG, Seymour Duncan and
Bartolini. After many tries with many pickups I have found that Bartolini's are the only pickups that give me the
clarity and crispness of tone I desire without sacrificing the integrity of the low end and punch"

"Bartolini Pickups are the core of my tone, the energy of my sound, and the brand that I trust."

"They are the go to pick up for monster tone. The pinnacle of a great tone!"

"What an amazing difference! These provide the most incredible clarity and definition while delivering tight, massive yet articulate low-end punch. Absolutely nothing is missing from these pickups and electronics!"