Hard Rock

"My Bartolini PUPS & preamps have been a game changer…a powerful & versatile range of tones for any pro-level gig in multiple genres."

"These pickups really help shape the sound and pack the punch needed PERFECTLY for my three-piece band!"

"My Bartolinis give my tone just the right combination of punchy articulation and face-melting heaviness."

"I play bass as a lead instrument in Alice Sweet Alice as our songs can be very bass heavy.  I have always had a heavy sound, but until I started using Barts in 2000 my tone was just a shadow.  I now have the power and clarity I need to make Alice Sweet Alice’s songs some of the most powerful I have ever played."

"You have not played with the best unless you’ve played with Bartolini pickups! They are by far the best sounding pickups I’ve ever had the pleasure of using on my bass guitars! I love the overall tone, but am a huge fan of the clarity of each note when playing through my Bartolini pickups.” - Jesse James (bass player for Hindsight)"

"Feels like a newborn bass"