Emerging Artists

Bartolini has been around for over 40 years and has become the mainstay of professional and working artists world-wide.
This list isn’t haphazard, as we make deliberate choices to work with select artists. We are lucky to include many of the industry’s hottest, up and coming artists. We have artists from all genres. Of course Bartolini is always interested and watching how our enthusiastic artists are doing for the brand, and some superstars have recently moved up to our Endorsing Artist category for their outstanding contributions to the Bartolini name.
Emerging Artists are using Bartolini on a regular basis and are regionally or locally known for their work and artistry!

“I have known the Bartolini name and reputation for excellence forever. After adding Bartolini 69J1-L/LNs with active preamp to my custom 6-string fretless, I now fully understand and appreciate both the power and subtleties I can get out of my instrument.”

"What can I say?  Like Porsche, there is NO substitute! #Bartolini4Me!!"

“Bartolini pickups are the benchmark for tone in my head. I compare every bass I hear to Barts – they truly are the gold standard for discerning players.”

"Simply incredible. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency."

"Since the first time Carlos Carabajal (a well known local luthier) installed a set of Bartolini Pickups in my Bass, I was very impressed with the wide spectrum of frequencies it can handle. Bartolini are amazing Pickups! I'm so glad to come across this brand!!

"I’ve been using Bartolini pups since I started playing bass and they have never failed me. They’re reliable, quiet, and versatile for any genre that I’m playing!"

"My Bartolinis give my tone just the right combination of punchy articulation and face-melting heaviness."

"My B-Axis Pickups give my P bass the tone and texture that I need for any style of music. These pickups provide all my tonal options ranging from classic vintage vibe, to more modern hi-fi sounds.  A must have for your bass"

"Bartolini pickups bring out the heaviness out of my bass guitar! Bartolini makes my playing style reach higher ground. Bartolini and Mattilha on the way to the highest rock n´ roll mountain peaks!"

"Barts are the Best Sound and Tone. They are the Beast in the Business."

"Bartolini Pickups are my choice because they provide me with such a diverse tone. I cant imagine having anything else in my bass!"

"The Bartolini pickups in each of my MTD basses deliver world-class tone, aggressive lows, sweet sustain with a strong bright crisp sound.   "

"Bartolini pick-ups fulfilled my bass guitar's potential to its max. Now the sound may vary from soft jazzy tone to metal chugging with just one flip of the selector switch. I have been searching for this sound formula for a long time"

"No other pickup has ever given me strong lows, crisp highs, and tons of growl all at once."

"If it weren't for my Barts, my tone wouldn't be where I want it to be! Bartolini is the way to go!"

"Bartolini pickups and electronics just give me the perfect blend for warm and cool sound!"

"I have been looking at my tone in 2D all along. Bartolini has given 4D capabilities in every way. My Reggae tone is light-years better than it ever has been."

"What an amazing difference! These provide the most incredible clarity and definition while delivering tight, massive yet articulate low-end punch. Absolutely nothing is missing from these pickups and electronics!"

"They are the go to pick up for monster tone. The pinnacle of a great tone!"

"Until I played Bartolini’s, I was never able to find that punch and definition I was looking for! Bartolini pickups and preamps allow you to find any tone you are looking for!"

"I need to adjust my tone constantly to fit the wide range of genres covered; Bartolini electronics allow me to do so with ease."

"The clarity and response of Bartolini is un matched. Mid range and higher frequency response is stellar while the bottom end is rock solid and powerful while staying completely clean and clear and highly manageable. As good as good gets!"

"Tone is everything and Bartolini has plenty of it!!! My only choice when it comes pickups and electronics."

"These Pickups are my sound from studio to stage. EVERYTHING I NEED!!! Bartolini My Only Choice"

"All of my basses have Bartolini pickups and electronics. I love the versatility and the tone of them. Music is my most important expression way and Barts make my “bass voice” loud and clear for the audience."

"Over the years I have used various basses with various pickups including MEC, EMG, Seymour Duncan and
Bartolini. After many tries with many pickups I have found that Bartolini's are the only pickups that give me the
clarity and crispness of tone I desire without sacrificing the integrity of the low end and punch"

"Whatever stage I’m on, I make sure I have the best and that’s Bartolini!"

"Barts have always been my Big Guns! My Go to tone for most everything I have ever done. From Thunderous to Smooth and Growly to Ghostly I can always count on them to get the job done! Barts and Bass are made for each other!"

"My barts’ clarity and versatility are unmatched.  I often get told how clear my tone is which i attribute to the best pickup company out there! Whether it’s live, session, any genre, soft/ digging in, Barts got it covered!"

"It isn’t a bass if it doesn’t have Bartolinis in it."

"My Bartolini Pickups allow for the full spectrum of highs and lows from my Bass to cut through.  They are by far the best pickups I’ve ever had in one of my basses."

"Absolutely my go-to pickup and preamp, Bartolini is my first choice hands down. These things are amazing!"

"Bartolini Pickups are impeccable in quality, tone, and an effortless extension of my creativity.  I never have to fight to express; music without boundaries!"

"My sound has always been defined by Bartolini.   The Pickups and the preamps are the best from my MTD Kingston Andrew Gouche to my Fender Jazz. They help me to create my sound."

"Creating my own sound is paramount – Bartolini is an essential part of it"

"First time I hear the Bartolini system on my Roscoe was Love at First Sight. Can’t Stop playin my bass for hours! All the Sounds I created with the Bartolini preamp was Madness!!! For Me Only Bartolini!"

"Want to know what the pros have been using? Well it’s no secret, get you some Barts!"

"Bartolini Pickups and Electronics give me that “Holy Grail” Tone I’ve always been searching for. Nothing else will do."

"Over the years I have been looking for an original and good sound for my basses, I only managed after using the Bartolini pickups. Definition of frequencies, great tone and a lot of sound diversity, sums up the pickups of Bartolini."

"Whatever tone you are looking for, Bartolini can deliver."

"NOW I understand what these little black boxes are supposed to do!"

"Deep, Fat, Clean, Crisp, Growl, Punch... can’t say enough to describe Bartolini’s sound.  I love playing with Bartolini pickups because it sounds musical with lots of dynamics and details; truly defined what I need."

"It was an easy install and the tone that I have created using the Classic in the Bridge position and the Original in the Neck position has given me a unique sound that will bury even the lowest of lows with a touch of treble to give me just enough brightness."

"I've being using Bartolini pickups for two decades.  These pickups help me become a better player - I can hear any harmonics - slap or finger style at any given moment. I love the way the voice of my Bartolini's hugs the Music."

“When you have such a broad spectrum of music covered by a single piece of gear, You will know that
your Barts are going beyond good, because these pickups offer some seriously powerful punch to your
bass tone.”

"Only Bartolini is good enough"

"There are many Religious as well as Jazz influences in my music which work together to create a unique and soulful sound. Bartolini has always been a huge part in helping to grow and develop that unique smooth sound that people have grown to know."

"The sound you will be proud of"

"No other pickup allows for such precise tone control; the low end is so warm while the high end is so clean and clear when I need to stand out. "

"Bass, for me, is about feeling the pulse of the music; what’s going to make people get up and move? My Bartolinis help convey that in my sound.  They’ve never let me down"

"I’ve played many types of pickups throughout my bass playing career and when I first played Bartolini Pickups I knew from then on out that they would always be my number one choice. The tone and clarity that the pickups produce is smooth and is the tone I’ve been looking for."

"You won't find your bass sitting in the mix, unless you have the Bartolini Tone. Stay true to the ultimate sound."

"I love the tonal range of my Bartolini pickups! I can go from a Jaco-esque Jazz bass sound, to full hi-fi slap tone, and anywhere in between, allowing me to use one bass for a wide variety of genres!"

"My Barts never fail to deliver..They’re warm, punchy,dynamic and capture all the nuances inherent in a great tone"

"I’m blessed with the opportunity to endorse Bartolini as an Emerging Artist.  These are the best pickups on the market, period.  I’ve tried them all!"

"I could not find a sound that allowed me to play several genres without having to change instruments for each one, with the Bartolini BH2 pickups I finally had a more classic sound, with warmth in the mids and low-end depth. It is a perfect complement to have a good sound with a fretless"

"Bartolini pickups and Preamps make any style of playing that much bigger in sound, giving me everything I need from powerful lows to sparkling highs with enough mids to give it the presence needed to sit right with in the mix of a band. Bartolini's have become a standard and a well known sound in the music industry"

"My Barts give me the cutting, aggressive, modern tone I need for metal, but can be dialed back to be smooth and warm when I need them to be. There are really no better pickups out there for my music!”

"When definition with power is key, don’t sleep on these Bartolini!"

"My Bartolini Jazz 59CJD-LN1 pickup in the neck position provides a perfect blend of midrange growl and bottom end, along with the clearly audible high, crisp tones. It helps me create the Machine like Rhythm alongside my counterparts Bass Drum. Since I’ve started using the Bartolini Pickup it has opened doors again in creativity. Love it!!!"

"Adding Bartolinis to my trusty Jazz, which has seen thousands of gigs,
finally gave me the perfect growly tone! The Roscoe setup is unreal!"

"Bartolini pickups and electronics are absolutely the best!  I love my bass guitars that have them and look forward to upgrading the rest"

"My music is filled with many rhythmic, harmonic and melodic influences. These three characteristics go hand in hand, providing an enormous ease of walking through different musical segments. "The warm, warm, mellow sound that Bartolini provides is a powerful weapon that helps to grow and develop a full-bodied ring."

"They’re like POWER from the Gods!!!"

"My monster lefty MTD KZ6 has become a mega monster MTD Bartolini KZ6 with Bartolinis!  What a super tone and richness! "

"Bartolini pickups do the best job of capturing the full tonal range of a bass guitar while preserving the tone of the instrument, as well keeping the Bartolini sound. Live and in the studio, I can always rely on Bartolini’s to sound amazing!"

"With Barts… tone desired, tone achieved! Bartolini gives me the flexibility and sound precision required for any stage. From all Neck pickup to all Bridge pickup, and everything in between, distinguished character is always revealed."

"Best decision I’ve ever made"

"Bartolini pickups have the best color and response. unlimited frequencies, natural presence, and very rich characteristics. Dr. Funk looks forward to a beautiful future with BARTOLINI PICKUPS"

"When asked about tone I only have one answer.... Bartolini !!!!"

"Bartolini pickups are the best pickups I have ever had. It has a great sustain and delivers amazing and incredible tone. They are reliable and versatile for any genre of music that I play."

"Love playing with barts , great modern and tight sounding bass and no compromise with the low end is perfect to my style.. barts is very reliable to your sound !! just clear and sweet"

"Hands down the clearest pickups you could ever use! The tone is versatile and can be adjusted at ease. I would put them in everything!"

"Bottom for days!!! I love the fullness the Deep Tones (57CBJD1) give my Bassmods EF5 and I love the wide range of frequencies the mk1’s give my Lakland 55-01."

"Feels like a newborn bass"

"I’ve watched my father play with Barts for as long as I can remember. As an adult musician I can definitely see why he chose them.  Barts have played a key role in helping me develop my sound and brand."

"Bartolini pickups are simply the best. No other pickup captures the tones of my basses with such clarity and precision while also providing the variety of sounds I need to fit into any genre at any time."

"I’ve been using Bartolini pickups and preamps since 1998. Combined with my Roscoe basses, they faithfully reproduce the tone that has always been in my head. Bartolini pickups and preamps are an integral part of my tone.  "

"I play bass as a lead instrument in Alice Sweet Alice as our songs can be very bass heavy.  I have always had a heavy sound, but until I started using Barts in 2000 my tone was just a shadow.  I now have the power and clarity I need to make Alice Sweet Alice’s songs some of the most powerful I have ever played."

"I’m a huge tone tweaker and no one tops Bartolini’s selection of outstanding bass pickup models or comes close to their level of experience in the industry! Regardless of what sound I’m looking for, Bartolini has just the right option for me."

"My sound is Bartolini, nothing else represents or reproduces my style better."

"These pickups really help shape the sound and pack the punch needed PERFECTLY for my three-piece band!"

"After hearing so many pickups on so many basses, I have found the pickups that help me define “my sound”. Bartolini pickups make it possible to find your sound!"

"Bartolini has the best products to get any kind of sound/tone you want from your instrument. I will not buy nor own an instrument unless it has Bartolini electronics"

"I’ve been using Bartolini pickups for many years now and I’m totally in love.  There hasn’t been one pickup I’ve played so far that can match Bartolini.  I recommend them to any player no matter what style of music you play."

"The foundation and heartbeat of my sound is bartolini! It’s a sound that I’ve found myself realizing I couldn’t record or play live without!"

"Bartolini Pickups are the core of my tone, the energy of my sound, and the brand that I trust."

"My Barts Bark and Bite and provide that Hi-Fi sound I need for Thumping and Plucking and Punch Through for Fingerstyle Playing"

"Bartolini pickups in my 4003 are the foundation of my tone. I can’t imagine playing in Troll without my Barts"

"A bass ain't a bass without Bartolini."

"I have been playing Bartolini Pickups  for 11 years now! There are plenty of   choices out there but I  have stayed with Bartolini because they deliver the tone, cut and unparalleled excellence I have come to trust on stage or in the studio... no matter  what style of music I'm playing!!!"