MME Tri-Coil Wiring

The MME and I4E pickups have 3 coils for hum cancelling when coil switched. The MME was discontinued in 2007.

E88-D with V88-C Wiring

The E88-D could drive a V88-C for a full active setup. The E88-D was discontinued in 1997.

KE Active Pickups Wiring

Pickups with names ending in KE are generally split coil active pickups and can be wired in different ways.

8E Wiring Diagram

The 8E was an active P-Bass pickup discontinued in the mid 1980s.

6JH Wiring Diagram

The 6JH Mute Compartment pickup for Rickenbacker basses was built from 2001 to 2012.

3XV and E90 HSS Set Wiring

The 3XV stacked coil strat pickup could be driven by the E90 active humbucker to make a full active setup. The 3XV and E90 were discontinued in 2000.