TBIBT Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for the discontinued TBIBT which has a dual buffer and 2-Band EQ. You can now use an AGDB/918-2 Adjustable Gain Dual Buffer and a NTBT/918 2-Band EQ or a NTMB+F 3-Band EQ in less space.

DTA1.x Buffers Wiring Diagram

Discontinued DTA1.x buffers were only 9V tolerant. They have been replaced with DB918.x so they can be used with NTMB, NTBT, or TCT preamps.

NTMB-918FL Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for the old 2-module NTMB-918FL with NTMB3. These modules have been merged into NTMB+FL.

MPXTBT Wiring Diagram

The discontinued MPXTBT is a combination of a Magnetic/Piezo buffer and a 2-Band EQ. Use a MPB2-918 and a NTBT/918 to get the same functions in less space. Or use an MPB2-918 and a NTMB+F for a 3-Band option still in less space.