Buffer Archive

Discontinued TQB Quad Buffer wiring instruction.

An older wiring diagram for TC1, TC2, TC3, and TC4

A wiring diagram for many different configurations of TC series preamps – TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4, TC5, and TC6. You can hook these up super quick and easy for simple boost with a flat frequency response. Or, you can add extra boost, bypass, frequency shaping, and overdrive.

Discontinued DTA1.x buffers were only 9V tolerant. They have been replaced with DB918.x so they can be used with NTMB, NTBT, or TCT preamps.

An older version of the MPB1-918 Wiring Diagram

An older version of the MPB1 Wiring Diagram.

An old version of TC1-TC6 wiring diagrams.

Wiring 2 pickups to an AGDB with an older model NTMB-918F

Shows some ways that AGB and AGDB can be used.

This is an old version of the AGB wiring diagram which was redrawn in the current style.