This is a wiring diagram for the MTD Saratoga. This preamp is exclusive to MTD and is provided here for reference by MTD Saratoga owners.

This diagram shows the wiring for MTD Handmade basses after 2013. The preamp setup is exclusive to MTD and is shown here for understanding and repair reference. This is a complicated preamp for professional use only.

These are the preamp systems we make for the Glasser Swordtail and active Violin.

This is the preamp in the Bill Dickens Signature Groove Tools 7-string bass designed by Conklin and built by Cort.

This is a diagram for the new reissue EQ preamp harness for the Gibson Tobias Growler bass. This is an elaborate setup that provides a separate EQ for each half of a single quad-coil MM52CBJD3 pickup. This harness is not on our retail list, but if you need one, contact us. We just resurrected this […]

This is the previous version of the NS3TMB-18 preamp system used by MTD Basses.

This is a special harness we wire up for Surine Basses using the NTCT preamp.