Clyde’s Bio

Clyde Clark is the President and Owner of Bartolini Inc. and amazingly qualified to pick up the reins of design success established by Bill and Pat Bartolini. After working with Bill for several years on design and production improvements, Clyde acquired the company in 2012. He has a strong background in business and engineering and just as importantly, has an incredible ear for good tone and for what a musician wants out of his pickups and electronics. He knows how to listen to builders and musicians and develop product that is reliable, repeatable and maximizes the natural tone of the instrument. He has been instrumental in bringing back some of the older Bartolini designs, fine tuning them for 21st Century manufacturing practices and relaunching them to great reception.

Clyde has quickly established a reputation for being a responsive businessman and a stickler for maintaining quality control and timely delivery of product. He has been a successful business manager and an engineer for over 20 years in high-tech digital and analog electronics design and development. He has in-depth experience with mechanical engineering, industrial design, manufacturing engineering, computer system architecture, project team development, and management. He has the business acumen to bring the Bartolini name to the next level of success.

He has a BS in Electronics Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a minor in music with a focus on guitar, recording and synthesis. And like a true modern day Renaissance man, he is a musician (bass and guitar), a luthier, a wood-worker, an inventor with multiple patents, a devoted family man and a total geek!