hjuosh© Instrumentos


J^X (hjuosh) it is the legacy that gives a millennial culture to, the whole world, is one in the ways for the purification of the passions and not only with the view of the aesthetic work, if not, also in the artist’s intellectual expression that possesses it.

A scarab servant, in a simple and perfect sphere; that it maintains to the instrument in a state of immortality, as a detail of the love that is born in the crossing of the looks; it is the badge that identifies it for above of the other ones, giving to each instrument a design unrepeatable and with this, a unique history.

The artist with their J^X (hjuosh), obtains their person’s extension, settles down maintaining their own possibilities and paging them, the one links, gives the only sensation of freedom taking it to be oneself, feeling their you limit and achieving to end the desires but intimate when they are together… In occasions feeling in love.

Gustavo Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba Gomez