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"My Bartolini PUPS & preamps have been a game changer…a powerful & versatile range of tones for any pro-level gig in multiple genres."

"Thankful for our Bartolini Pickups"

"Bartolini gives the perfect variety in bass tone. clean strong tone sits perfectly in any genre I'm playing."

"Playing Bass for 35 years, Bartolini has been with me the whole ride"

"Bartolini Pickups retain my '75 Ric's classic sound, but leave out all the hum. Better than the original."

"Every time I hear that good sound form another bass player, I always think, he must be using the Bartolini pickups."

"I like Bartolini: I'm no gear-head at all, frankly. I just plug something in and if it sounds good, I like it."

"Thanks to my Bartolini Preamp & Pickups, I have full control, both in studio and on stage, of what I’m sending to the engineer. This way it’s up to me to decide how I want to sound and be heard."

"I’ve been using Barts since 1990. The tone and smoothness of them are incredible! The only pickups and preamps I use!"

"For me, sound is the foundation of both composing process and performing. I am glad that Bartolini pickups have been a part of MY sound ever since I began"

"Bartolini Pickups Translate the full range of my sound. They help me sound like me"

"My entire existence has been with a Bartolini Pickup under my fingers"

"My Bartolini Pickups have never let me down. Every Low every High that I want is crystal clear. I Love that! I Love MY Bartolini Tone!"

"Professional Artists and educators alike prefer professional level equipment to get the job done. I am no exception to the rule. I choose Bartolini as my go to for pickups and Electronics."

"I have a very distinct sound and tone in my mind that I strive for. Bartolini allows me to realize that sound and not only hear the nuances but feel them as well as I play. I love these pickups!"