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"These pickups sound fantastic!"

"I have to say that this pickup setup is killer my friend. This Bass is so damn powerful I can't believe it is possible."

"Love my Bartolini"

"My entire existence has been with a Bartolini Pickup under my fingers"

"Bartolini has become my “SOUND”. All of my MTD basses are customized with Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. They embody what I need and they know how to respond when I play. Everything that I need is all packed up into Bartolini Pickups."

"The sounds I’m getting have beautiful, round, warm bottom and crisp highs that accentuate the mix and have made my life a little less stressful!"

"Bartolini pickups and preamps have been part of my sound for over 20 years. I love their versatility and the variety of tonal color they provide. Simply the best!"