Featured Endorsing

"These pickups sound fantastic!"

"Love my Bartolini"

"Bartolini gives the perfect variety in bass tone. clean strong tone sits perfectly in any genre I'm playing."

Andrew has one of the most desired bass voices in the world.

"My entire existence has been with a Bartolini Pickup under my fingers"

"Bartolini has become my “SOUND”. All of my MTD basses are customized with Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. They embody what I need and they know how to respond when I play. Everything that I need is all packed up into Bartolini Pickups."

"The guitar sounds absolutely great!! Thank you very much for your all your time and help Clyde!!!!!!!"

"I have a very distinct sound and tone in my mind that I strive for. Bartolini allows me to realize that sound and not only hear the nuances but feel them as well as I play. I love these pickups!"

"The sounds I’m getting have beautiful, round, warm bottom and crisp highs that accentuate the mix and have made my life a little less stressful!"

"Bartolini pickups and preamps have been part of my sound for over 20 years. I love their versatility and the variety of tonal color they provide. Simply the best!"