Endorsing Artists

"Since I started playing bass I had a precise sound in mind. Thanks to Bartolini I’ve found the tone I've always been looking for. Bartolini Pickups and Electronics give my basses the definition and the power I need in my music.
Simply amazing!!!"

" I’ve always loved Bartolini pickups! They do exactly what I tell them to do., They deliver my tone with a warm growl. Best pickups to fuel any bass!!"

"These pickups sound fantastic!"

"I love my Bartolini pickups, the sound is crystal clear, perfect for lead bass."

"Bartolini brings BEEF to the Bass. Years ago I had an Ibanez bass and the tone didn't work for what I was trying to do, so I went to a friend and he gave me some Bartolini Pickups and pre-amp to go in my bass. I took it to one of the techs in Houston and have been in love with them every since."

"The number one reason I use Bartolini is "TONE." I have always searched for the perfect tone to use in the studio and on stage. Bartolini electronics bring out the best tones in my Basses so I can just concentrate on playing.
During my very first recording session the engineer and I were trying to get the perfect funk tone out of my bass. It just was not possible. So he called a friend that had a Fender Jazz loaded with Bartolini pickups. We immediately found 'The Tone' and proceeded to record 6 tracks in about 3 hours time. The tracks were Fat with an extra crisp pop and sat just right in the mix."

"My Bartolini PUPS & preamps have been a game changer…a powerful & versatile range of tones for any pro-level gig in multiple genres."

“I’ve been a fan of Bartolini pickups and preamps since day one. They give me the hump I need for my style of bass playing. Outstanding clarity, tone, and body is to be expected when rocking Bartolini everything! Gotta love Barts!“

"I have many Mayones basses with different woods, preamps and hardware configurations. The one thing they all have in common are the pickups. Always Bartolini. The best!"

"I've been using Bartolini Pickups and Electronics for many years now. They give a very versatile and deep sound with a great punch. Perfect for playing Flamenco"

"With my Bartolini Pickups and Electronics I can go from Abrasive Tharsh-Metal to Boomy Bluegrass and Funk without ever having to change basses."

"The clean tone Bartolini pickups and preamps provide, give me the sound I’m listening for on stage and in the studio!"

"The tone is extremely versatile and unmatched. Full bodied and warm. Low and punchy but bright when needed in the upper register."

"I play rock, metal and modern music and the Bartolini tone complements me and my bass perfectly.  My Bartolini bridge pickup on my Traben adds that little extra something you just can’t get with other brands.  Couldn’t be more happy with trusting my sound to Bartolini."

"You have not played with the best unless you’ve played with Bartolini pickups! They are by far the best sounding pickups I’ve ever had the pleasure of using on my bass guitars! I love the overall tone, but am a huge fan of the clarity of each note when playing through my Bartolini pickups.” - Jesse James (bass player for Hindsight)"

"A Bass is nothing without Bartolini under the hood!"

"I have to say that this pickup setup is killer my friend. This Bass is so damn powerful I can't believe it is possible."

"Three engineers in three different recording studios have said my Bartolini equipped MTD bass is the best sounding recording bass they've worked with."

"Bartolini pickups provide the full dynamic range of my instruments. The true tone of my bass is heard, no filler"

"I play all styles of music on a professional level and Bartolini Pickups give me the tonal versatility I need to cover it authentically"

"I’d never own a bass without them"

"I’ve been using Bartolini pickups exclusively, in all my basses since 1995. Exquisite sound, very well made and an integral part of my sound"

"There are no better pickups than Bartolini. But only install them if you want great tone."

"These are the best sounding pickups I ever had on any Bass I ever played"

"To me, the Bartolini pickups, they have a thickness that really works, especially with their preamp. It really has a sound!"

"Bartolini pickups have helped define my sound for nearly 30 years...they are the cleanest best sounding pickups I have ever heard!"

"This is the voice that I've been searching ever since I started playing. The tone is full and clear and every not jumps out crystal clear. I can't imagine using anything else."

"Just wanted to thank you to pickups. They're fantastic and make my voice sound like a whole new and different instrument. Unbelievable. Thanks a lot!"

"Bartolini has their unique sound which complements your instrument and brings all necessary aspects: round and rich bass, natural mids and bright punchy treble frequences; string to string has the same power, all dynamic range is very sensitive, so you feel instrument much better. Also, Bart pups look so sexy!"

"The variety, flexibility and great tone - these words could describe these pickups, and these qualities much more than enough for me to select Bartolini!"

"Thankful for our Bartolini Pickups"

"Love my Bartolini"

"Bartolini gives the perfect variety in bass tone. clean strong tone sits perfectly in any genre I'm playing."

"Playing Bass for 35 years, Bartolini has been with me the whole ride"

"Bartolini! That's what I want!"

"I won't play without them! They are sooo responsive, cant play my music without that kind of quality"

"We installed a Bartolini humbucker and I blown away with the tone and the difference with the other pickups."

"Simply incredible. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency."

"Bartolini Pickups retain my '75 Ric's classic sound, but leave out all the hum. Better than the original."

"Every time I hear that good sound form another bass player, I always think, he must be using the Bartolini pickups."

"Awww Man!"