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Lee (Bear) - Kireifocus

Zack Robertson

"As a musician, I have a very personal relationship with my instrument. The pickups are its voice, and Bartollini’s give that voice a personality"


BH2 passive pickups


Reading, England
Zack is a  multi-instrumentalist, playing bass, guitar, drums and piano. He is also a clean vocalist (singer). His main accomplishments are with progressive metalcore band Away With The Seas, but he can be heard in other areas for example commissioned songwriting for business showreels and podcast theme music including multiple genres from LoFi to punk rock. Zack uses Logic Pro X for recording, mixing and mastering alongside Tabit for songwriting and learning. Having studied music theory at A level and worked in a professional recording studio behind the mixing desk he is able to self produce the majority of his music and can lay tracks remotely to feature on songs. Zack speaks English as a first language but also speaks basic French.

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