Vinny Svoboda

"The MK J series of pickups have been my go-tos for years. The voice balance between the lower and higher registers allow me to utilize the full range of my basses with ease while also retaining overall punch. They provide a clean (and quiet when idle!) canvas for me to paint on. "


MK1J and MK2J pickups

Genres: Funk, HipHop, Jazz, Metal, Rock


Tampa,, FL

Vinny Svoboda is a very talented multi-instrumentalist based out of Tampa, FL. His primary instrument is the bass but he is very comfortable with the piano and drums which makes him invaluable in the composing, arranging, recording and collaboration arena.

His musical journey started when he was 10 and picked up his first instrument – the violin. Shortly thereafter he received his first bass guitar and then the pieces and passion for the mechanics of percussion and overall rhythm and music began to fall into place.

When he was 14 he was accepted into the Salem Performing Arts Academy and began his formal education into music theory and composition and the art of recording. The music performance program at the University of South Florida solidified his ability to perform both live and in the studio. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Musical Performance with an emphasis in Classical Upright bass.

Over the past decade, Vinny has been an integral piece to many musical projects ranging from Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Metal, and anything in between. His current project, Anthill Cinema is a 7-piece jazz fusion collective weaving in and out of multiple genres. When he isn’t collaborating with other artists, Vinny enjoys turning inward and pushing the limits of what a bass guitar is capable of. Utilizing dense chord voicings via two-hand tapping with extended range basses, Vinny has created a signature sound all his own. It is as if the instrument becomes a part of him.

Outside of performing live, Vinny is also a highly sought-after studio musician known for his quick ear, musicality across multiple genres, and fast turn-around time. He has collaborated with artists all around the globes. He has a very well equipped, constantly evolving studio and is a monster on several different DAW programs and interfaces. His musical talents and professional tracks are in hundreds of songs that have been published on all major music distribution services.

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