Valery Yur’Evich Yushkevich (Wally.Y)

"The variety, flexibility and great tone - these words could describe these pickups, and these qualities much more than enough for me to select Bartolini!"


Spector Euro 5, Spector Euro 5lx, Spector Legend 5

Genres: Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop, Rap



Being a bass player for more than 10 years there are lots of things were left behind.
This is-touring with The Hysteria and Shokran bands, a session-bassist for whom I was for some periods of time;
these is- a long way of becoming a bass tutor, from the very first steps of almost “what should I give to my students, to a educator with strict-learning program for all kind of players from the very beginners to a high-level players.
Hundreds and hundreds of live shows are done and thousands are beyond.
At the present moment I am a bass tutor, it is my main occupation, bassist for ##### (5 diez) band, based in Russia, with quite a big and long history, fan base and audience, and a session bassist for both recording and live-session reasons, just up to terms and my personal interest in every particular request/offer.
Trying (and actually doing) to do a bass stuff (i.e. music) for living by all means.
In love with oeuvre, in love with what I am doing.

Instrument Builders: