Stephen Damon-Tilley

"These pickups really help shape the sound and pack the punch needed PERFECTLY for my three-piece band!"


4-String Classic P-Bass – 8CBP

NTBT 2-Band EQ Preamp Module


Boston, Massachusetts

Stephen Damon-Tilley is a multi-instrumentalist from Boston that wants to rock and roll forever. With his band, Renegade Cartel, he writes, sings and plays bass. In addition to these instruments, he frequently plays and records guitars, bass, drums, keyboard/piano, and sings for other projects. He rocks with a couple of them, jams on some folk and blues with another, and even sings in Japanese for a rock\pop duo. With a good amount of experience working with Pro Tools, Logic, some great microphones, and analog gear, Stephen loves recording and can’t wait to escape his 9 to 5 routine in order to play music all over the world for whomever wants to hear it!