Stefan Marinov

"My sound is Bartolini, nothing else represents or reproduces my style better."


NTMB 918-F

My Lakland 55-94 has Bart pickups and preamp
My MTD Kingston Heir - Bart pickups and pre
My Cort Artisan - Bart pickups and pre
My Tobias Toby Pro - Bart pickups


London, UK

Multi-lingual and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Marinov has been bringing the funk, soul and rock to the stage since the 90’s. His main instrument is his bass but is equally at home on the drums or acoustic guitar. He also sings – both solo and backing vocals. His music directing/arranging skills are put to good use both on stage and in the recording studio. When not performing, he can be found doing session work and/or co-producing a new musical project. Bulgarian is his native tongue but he is fluent in English and knows basic Russian. Stefan is available for tour worldwide. He also has recording facilities at home for remote collaborations.