Simon Poulton

“I’ve never felt so confident in my recording and gigging tone. Bartolini make some of the most musical pickups and preamps in the world!”


My Elrick is fitted with proprietary Bartolini Dual-coil soapbar pickups & Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass.

The 44-94 - B-Axis P/J set.
The 55-01 - MK5C & NTMB-FL HR-5.0 pickups and pre.
The DJ-5 - 57CBJD set.


London, UK

Simon Poulton is a bassist, composer and producer based just outside of London, UK  time with guitar from the age of 14, he didn’t start to seriously spend time with bass until the age of 16, largely as a result of meeting local bassist Lincoln Anderson.

Lincoln provided Simon with his first lessons outside of being self-taught, and while he has remained largely self-taught since, he has taken opportunities to learn directly from such luminaries as Steve Lawson, Anthony Wellington & Felix Pastorius, as well as attending Wooten Woods in 2014.

Simon has involved himself with as many different musical situations as possible, ranging from gigs and tours with metal, bluegrass, soul, pop, hip-hop and choral artists. Because of this love for many types of music, Simon likes to keep an array of instruments to hand, including a 1971 Fender Precision, a Moollon P-Classic IV, Lakland 44-94, 55-01 & DJ5, an Elrick Standard Evolution 5 and a Serek Midwestern, all strung with various La Bella strings.

As well as a few solo releases along the way, Simon’s main gig for the last 6 years, has been with Jocee, a soul artist based in London, UK. As of Jan 2021, Simon is busy remotely recording a new album with Jocee.