Sean Fairchild

"I’m a huge tone tweaker and no one tops Bartolini’s selection of outstanding bass pickup models or comes close to their level of experience in the industry! Regardless of what sound I’m looking for, Bartolini has just the right option for me."


MTD USA proprietary/custom
2J Squared for 6-string, M562J-T&B


Seattle, WA

Combinator (Sean Fairchild) melds virtuosic – yet melodic – proggy elements, electro-funk, soulful vocals, and glitchy breakbeat into a dizzying, post-futurist sonic dreamscape. A 6-string bass-wielding singer/songwriter, Sean is the creative center around which the Combinator collective universe orbits – however he routinely collaborates with other innovative artists.

Growing up abroad and having a bass thrust into his young hands one summer day in Tokyo, he developed a keen ear for the world’s music in both analog and digital forms, which is often evident in his compositions. Sean is an Emmy-awarded artist, and is also endorsed by MTD Basses, Gruv Gear, Gallien-Krueger, GHS Strings & others.