Sam Arnold

"Bartolini pickups are simply the best. No other pickup captures the tones of my basses with such clarity and precision while also providing the variety of sounds I need to fit into any genre at any time."


MTD 535, MTD AG6, Ibanez SR700


Portland, OR/ Pacific NW

Sam has been an avid bassist for most of his life. Over the years he has crafted a style and sound all his own, combining a love for chordal harmony, abstract techniques, and most importantly groove. This combination has been noted for being both “vocal” and “other-worldly,” a combination Sam feels right at home with. He is an in-demand musician; whether working recording sessions for a wide variety of musicians and bands or performing around the globe. In addition to a busy gig schedule, Sam maintains an active teaching studio, fueled by his love of education and sharing his passion for music. He has also led clinics around the Portland area, working in both schools and music stores. Sam is a multi-instrumentalist, and performs and teaches trombone, guitar, piano, banjo, bass trumpet, synthesizers, and a wide variety of other band and orchestra instruments. Sam has a passion for modern music innovation and technology; whether learning the latest DAW, recording remote sessions, or attaching a MIDI controller to his bass, he is always finding ways to work with technology. Inspired by his love for education, theory, and performance, Sam received a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education (Hons) from Portland State University.


Instrument Builders: