Photo By:

Caylee Robillard

Ryan “Rye” Jackson

"I love the depth of tone that Bartolini pickups produce, the attack clarity and change in resonance make a huge difference on how I approach my instrument."


Lakland Basses, Bartolini "Classic" and Bartolini "MM" Pickups.



Currently on tour as the Bassist/Background vocalist for rising country star, Ella Langley or working in Nashville as a session musician, Rye Jackson has been honing his sound and making a name for himself in Music City for the past 4 years. Originally from Binghamton, New York, Rye began playing bass at the age of 10. At 13 he would branch out and start playing guitar, drums and piano, and would begin to focus on his voice as well. After spending his teenage years writing songs and playing shows regularly, Rye would begin working professionally in college as a locally touring musician/theatre pit musician all over New York State. In 2019 He made the move to Nashville to pursue greater musical opportunities. Now 27, Rye has played all over the US on stages of all sizes, and continues to sharpen his abilities as a performer and as a writer/producer for his solo artistry.