RoDerrick Gaston

"Bottom for days!!! I love the fullness the Deep Tones (57CBJD1) give my Bassmods EF5 and I love the wide range of frequencies the mk1’s give my Lakland 55-01."


Bartolini mk1 pickups; Lakland 55-01, Bartolini Deep Tones (57CBJD1) - Bassmods Ethan Farmer Five String


Detroit, MI

Being a late bloomer to the music world, RoDerrick started playing bass in 2004. RoDerrick started playing bass in high school and was a self-taught bass player who has been growing since the first day he picked up a bass. RoDerrick can be found playing bass all around Detroit, at Impact Church and within his two bands. RoDerrick plays for OneFreq and
the NLR Experience. In 2007, RoDerrick got the chance to take a solo during a song of Detroit’s own, KEM, after he placed first in KEM’s Teen Talent Search.  While meeting his distant mentor, Marcus Miller, he has always had a fire for funk, groove and bass!
RoDerrick also uses Logic X for rehearsing, making cover videos and tracking. He’s available to track remotely as well as travel/tour.