Robert Shaddix

"Hands down the clearest pickups you could ever use! The tone is versatile and can be adjusted at ease. I would put them in everything!"


There are BH-2’s inside my Ibanez BTB846SC 6-String bass.
I will be purchasing Single Coil J-bass pickups ( 9CBJS1)



I’m a young bassist that has been through the local music scene for a long time and have grown my reputation/ name as a musician and as a businessman while stepping into many new and exciting places. I have been extremely focused on exploring many different types of music and musical experiences to always push myself to stay open minded to all that I could learn from the what all is going on around me. Music has always been a major constant in my life, and in the lives of those around me, and I feel a sense of  profound joy when I play to audiences, or just to myself. I am very excited for every new opportunity that opens up for me in the future, and whatever outcome it may bring!

Instrument Builders: