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Andre Hermanto

Ricky Sutanto

"Love playing with barts , great modern and tight sounding bass and no compromise with the low end is perfect to my style.. barts is very reliable to your sound !! just clear and sweet"


- Ibanez SR 675
- Ibanez SR 1300
- Ibanez Roadstar

Genres: Funk, Pop, Rock


Jakarta , Indonesia
Ricky Sutanto is an Indonesian music director, producer and session bassist player. Since 2007, Ricky has been serving as bassist player for Jakarta Praise Community Church Worship Team (JPCC Worship), playing for Sari Simorangkir and Edward Chen Worship Teams.

As a self taught bassist player, Ricky is always passionate to teach the young generation to find their best potential in music. That is why Ricky is invested in church worship ministry.

As the founder of SoundScape Production, Ricky is commited to create new talents, make music, shape the color and sound your music through training and collaborations.