Richard Marks

"When asked about tone I only have one answer.... Bartolini !!!!"


MTD Kingston 5 string bass with KZX Bartolini package


Tampa Fl

Rich Marks has been playing professional bass since the age of 17. His love and passion for bass is apparent in his playing and attitude . Rich has been blessed to share the stage with many national and international artists.   You can currently hear Rich in Metal band War of Thrones alongside guitar great Rick Renstrom and Vocal legend Wade Black . You can also hear Rich in the Neoclassical metal blue band HOLMES AND SLICE.  Rich is renowned for his melodic and shred solos and in Holmes and Slice,  all normal ideals of bass are pushed to the limit.  Creative freedoms abound and he can be found keeping up with the blistering pace of Rick Renstrom on his leads.  Rich Marks is also featured in the Vivaldi Metal Project along with some of the biggest and most well known musicians in the world


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