Rhythmm Epkins AKA Dr.Funk

"Bartolini pickups have the best color and response. unlimited frequencies, natural presence, and very rich characteristics. Dr. Funk looks forward to a beautiful future with BARTOLINI PICKUPS"


Custom bass

Dr. Funk is multi-instrumentalist (bassist, drummer, keyboardist, and percussionist), an accomplished vocalist (both lead and background), a songwriter and a producer!  He started touring when he was only 16 and has toured with several national and international acts such as OMD, English Beat, Image 82, Talk of the Town and Prairie Dudes.  He has been on various recording and is as comfortable in the studio and he is on stage.  His current music product is Mind, Body and Soul where he puts his lead vocals, bass and keyboard abilities to fantastic use.  Its most recent release was the album “Love Is” and exclusive single “Do It Right”.