Philip “Phirip” Chuah

"Bartolini pickups do the best job of capturing the full tonal range of a bass guitar while preserving the tone of the instrument, as well keeping the Bartolini sound. Live and in the studio, I can always rely on Bartolini’s to sound amazing!"


90’s Fender Jazz Bass with Bartolini 57J1 L/S.
Pedulla Thunderbass ET5 with Bartolini xxM45C-T/B Soapbar Pickups


Boston, Massachusetts Tokyo, Japan

Picking up the electric bass in 2010, Philip Chuah first started playing in a church in Tokyo, Japan. 2 months after starting, Philip gained quick experience when he was called for a live recording in Taiwan. Soon after this, Philip delved much deeper into Jazz, fusion, gospel, and funk, and started gigging around Japan. In 2014, Philip was accepted into the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Since then, Philip has played and recorded with a wide range of artists including; Phil Stacey (American Idol Finalist), Joe Salzano, Jireh Calo, Kiersten Kelly, Lyndsey Jones, 2 Birds Band, Lindsay Artkop, and many more.