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Nicholas Johnson

"Bartolini brings BEEF to the Bass. Years ago I had an Ibanez bass and the tone didn't work for what I was trying to do, so I went to a friend and he gave me some Bartolini Pickups and pre-amp to go in my bass. I took it to one of the techs in Houston and have been in love with them every since."


Marcus Miller V7, 1960 Fender American Jazz, MTD Vintage Bass 5 & Vintage Bass 4


Houston, TX

Nicholas has been using Bartolini products for over 8 years and has been playing bass since the age of three. Nicholas says there’s absolutely nothing else that he loves more than bass besides his Heavenly Father and his children. Nicholas has worked with Artists such as Jabari Johnson (Producer/Bassist), Myron Williams, Anthony Brown, John P. Kee, Potters House Church, Kim Burrell ,Kathy Burrell, V. Michael Mckay, Shawn McLemore, Imani Scott, Larry Harlow, Jimmy Bosch, Zacardi Cortez, James Fortune and many more. Spending time performing and producing projects for many artist both local and internationally, known and unknown. “If it wasn’t for bass and music production i honestly don’t know what else or who else I would be today”.

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