Max Slabyak

"For his sound, Max depends on a clean tone without drowning in effects. Barts give him the exact sound he needs, whether in the studio or on stage"


Ibanez BTB685MSCNTF (Bart BH1 neck, BH1 bridge, EQB-IIIS 3-band EQ)
MTD 635-24 (proprietary Bartolini design)

Genres: Gospel, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock


New Jersey

While classically trained on piano, Max is self-taught on drums, guitar, and bass. Max grew up in Los Angeles, where he worked as a hired gun drummer, and keyboard player, including a short stint as a pianist on Carnival Cruise lines. He moved to the NY/NJ metro area in 2004, and started doing sessions, live gigs, and a short tour, on keys, drums, and bass. He can MD, read, write, arrange, produce, and record. While Max is not doing any traveling or touring at the moment, he is always excited to collaborate remotely and is open for gigs and sessions around the NJ/NY metro area.

There will always be a special place in Max’s heart for music from the 90’s (best decade ever, right?), including 90’s R&B and grunge, but his styles of choice expand beyond that to Pop, Rock, Gospel, and some Jazz,

Instrument Builders: