Matthew White

"I use Bartolini's to get the sound from my head, to yours. Their tonal versatility means I only ever need one instrument. "


Ibanez BTB686SC Terra Firma
(Bartolini BH1 neck, BH1 bridge, EQB-IIIS 30band EQ)


Somerset, UK

Initially training as a jazz trombone player, Matthew moved to piano, drums and eventually bass guitar where he fell in love with sound and feel.  Growing up split between rural England and London, he was able to experience a wide range of sounds and music that helped him to find his own voice and develop a style of playing that incorporates elements of funk, jazz, rock and soul.  This “Voice” has enabled him to play with a wide range of artists, across a variety of genres both live and in the studio.  Since 2018, Matthew has also been releasing music as a solo bassist, using just his Ibanez BTB686SC (armed with Bartolini BH1-6s). Predominantly loop-based, he describes it as “Ambience to stir your imagination”.

Instrument Builders: