Masa Kobayashi

“They are so good, I use three of them at the same time!”


Bartolini: 8S, 9CBJD-L1, BC4CBC, M34CBC

Fender Stratocaster, Fender Precision Bass, Modulus Quantum 4, Custom 4 string bass with three BC4CBC


Berlin, Germany
Masa Kobayashi is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Tokyo, Japan.  He set up camp in Seattle Washington and is currently in Berlin Germany.  His musical styles range from punk to world and everything in between.  His chops on the bass, guitar, ukulele with a little keyboard make that possible. Masa started with uke when he was 7, took on guitar at 13 and bass at 19.  He studied music formally at the Cornish College of the Arts with a focus on jazz improvisation.


Masa has recorded and performed with many outstanding artists including:  Kultur Shock, Clinton Fearon, Naomi Wachira, Ryan Lewis, Stone Gossard, Billy Gould, Meklit, Nik West, Blitz the Ambassador, The Fun Street, Daniel Pak, Boka Kouyate, Gypsy Allstars, Scorpiknox, Johnny Ma, Hakai, Freestyle Candela, Yoka Enzenze, Ibrahima Camara, Two Loons for Tea.  He has filled in for many bassists including Carlitos Del Puerto, Keith Lowe, Brad Houser.


In addition to performing and recording, he loves to create and compose.  Masa has been one of the song writers in many of the bands that he has been involved with in the past and present including Kultur Shock.


Because Masa has owned and managed several music schools before, he is very comfortable with offering remote lessons in, guitar, bass, ukulele, songwriting and music theory.  He is also interested and available for remote collaborations

Masa plays more than one instrument and he speaks more than one language!  Japanese is his first language and he is fluent in English and currently studying German.

As an aside – we had to ask Masa if he enjoyed anime.  He grew up watching it but is not so into the culture.  He did say this “When I watched Akira and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, my life changed.”