Photo By:

Raz Gross

Lior Ozeri

"Thanks to my Bartolini Preamp & Pickups, I have full control, both in studio and on stage, of what I’m sending to the engineer. This way it’s up to me to decide how I want to sound and be heard."


Warrior DM5 & Warrior Soldier both equipped with NTMB-918 & a set of 2 J’s pickups.
Pedulla Pentabuzz equipped with NTMB & a set of PJ pickups.


Tel Aviv, Israel

As one of the busiest live and session bass players in Israel, Lior can be seen accompanying Israel’s top artists both locally on stages and TV shows, as well as abroad on tour. A combination of profound musical knowledge and almost limitless technical prowess has positioned Lior as a sought after session bassist and an artist in his own right.